Decorating – Clue #2

We’re still playing our Guess the Decorator game! Clue #2 with a few store pictures is below! Do you have any guesses?

Enjole Clues Facebook Day 2Enjole Clues Facebook Day 22


Decorating – Clue #1

After the Rug Gallery stop, we’ve been thinking more about how we are planning to decorate our home when the renovations were over. We thought it might be fun to play a little bit of a guessing game for one of the decorators we have picked. Here’s a few pictures from their shop below and clue number one! Any guesses? 🙂

Clue Number 1: Evansville’s Newest Design Company

Rug Shopping Time!

Hilary Denton with Vintage Forward Designs is fun. We’re talking lots and lots of fun. Rug shopping isn’t exactly my favorite thing to do, but shopping with Hilary and Mike at Rug Gallery of Newburgh was blast! If you haven’t had a chance to visit Mike Kishline at the Rug Gallery of Newburgh I highly recommend you stop by! He will take great care of you! Visit their website at or their Facebook page!